St Mary Bourne Revisited



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A big thank you to Rick, Sue and Rosie Jepson from the George Inn for allowing me to copy the photographs of St. Mary Bourne 1900./ Sunday school 1880./ and Mr. Poor and his pals. (There are many more on display in the bar areas)

The George Inn

St. Mary Bourne

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01264 738340

Also thanks to Sue and Len Berry of the Coronation Arms for the interesting chats and information on matters local. (They to have some good photos in the bar areas)

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St. Mary Bourne

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01264 738432


A parochial History of St. Mary Bourne with an account of the manor of Hurstbourne Priors Hants.

Author Dr. Joseph Stevens

Dated 1888

Published by Whiting and co. 30 and 32 Sardinia St. W.C. London

Hampshire Records Office finding no. 17A03

Life in a Hampshire Village

Author Kathleen Innes

1st.edition 1944

2nd.edition 1945

Printed by Warren and sons Ltd.85 High St. Winchester SO23 9AE


Distributed by Simpkin, Marshall

Newbury Library Title no. P006479103 Class no.H914.227

Life in a Hampshire Village: notes from past and present.

Author Kathleen Innes.

Not dated.

Hampshire Records Office finding no. HP192

Short Historical Sketch of the parish of Hurstbourne Tarrant.

Author. Revd. R. S. Arrowsmith

Hampshire records office finding no. 68M79/PZ113

The good folks of the 17th.century living history village near Gosport